Children's Trusts

Leaving wealth to under 18's

Multi-generational planning

If no specific Trusts have been created via a Will or if there is no Will and the parent dies Intestate, when a child reaches 18, they are quite free to spend (or squander) their inheritance.

Many people do not feel that this provision is suitable and therefore include a special and flexible Trust in their professionally drafted Wills.

Benefits of using a Children’s Trust

  • You can place an age restriction on the inheritance (i.e. 21 or 25 years of age)
  • Nominate Trustees who you are confident can manage the Trust until the children become of age
  • Flexible.  Should Trustees find it suitable, they can advance funds to the children prior to the set age of inheritance
  • If you have disabled children, you can also make further long-term, secure financial provision for them

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