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Here at Personal Asset Management we are passionate about fully understanding your needs to be able to give the most appropriate advice to allow your money to work for you, whether it be for investments, pensions and retirement, Inheritance Tax planning or mortgages.  We are here to help and advise you.

Here are just some of our client stories showing how we have helped our clients.  Due to the privacy and nature of the work we do we can’t give full names of our clients.

Pensions Client Stories

Client Story: Taking cash out

Mr B had planned to cash in one of two pensions he held in order to give him capital he could use to supplement income over the next two to three years. Tax is payable on withdrawals in excess of the 25% so he would have paid nearly £6,000 in tax!

By consolidating both pensions he held and then using part of the 25% tax free cash allowance against the combined value, the client was able to meet his income needs without paying tax. My advice saved nearly £6,000 of tax and I discovered he had not used the Marriage Allowance which meant he received approximately £750 as a tax refund.

Client Story:  Consolidation

Mr W in his early 50’s decided it was time to look at his pension arrangements. He had three different pensions and had not looked at them for years, had no idea where they were invested and did not know the level of risk they were targeting.

He was assessed as being comfortable with a risk level 5 (medium risk). One of his pensions was meant to be a medium risk but in fact was high risk. Another one was medium risk, but the fund had not been performing very well for years.  One of the existing pensions did not offer the new style death benefits  – which have been available since 2015.

We consolidated all his pensions in one account which targets the level of risk he wants, and use a multi-asset portfolio that is managed on an advisory basis therefore keeping him more involved with what his investments are doing. He is using our ongoing service, so he gets regular updates and an annual review where we check he is on target for the level of income he expects in retirement. He has increased his contributions and now has peace of mind that he will be comfortable in retirement.

Client Story: Cash Flow Projection

Mrs S had a number of pensions including final salary and a SIPP. She did not know how much income she would receive in retirement and was worried it might not be enough.

We produced a cashflow projection showing exactly when her Final Salary and State Pensions would start, and confirmed how much State Pension she qualifies for.  We were then able to factor in the income from her SIPP based on various assumptions of growth and inflation.

By using her SIPP until the Final Salary pensions were available, our client will be able to retire earlier than expected!


Personal Asset Management are Independent Financial Advisors with over 50 years combined experience.  We have clients throughout Torbay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and the South of England, with our office based in Kingskerswell.

Our services include investment advice, Inheritance Tax planning, pension advice and retirement planning, mortgages and equity release.