Pensions and Retirement

Helping you plan for later-life

After your home, your pension is likely to be your biggest asset

You may have been paying into your pension for decades, yet do you know how it is performing?   Recent changes in how you can access your pensions can be extremely confusing.  We can help by:

  • Establishing exactly what your existing pensions will provide and the options they offer

A lot of clients are unsure about what their existing arrangements can provide – we will cut through the jargon and give you a good idea of how much you are likely to receive.  We have a lot of experience with the NHS, Teacher’s and University (USS) schemes.

  • Find out if you’re entitled to the full state pension

We will check this for you and if you haven’t qualified for the full State Pension we can advise on ways to resolve this.  For further information and a short video on State Pensions click here. State Pensions are unlikely to produce the level of income that you will need, so it’s important to build up an additional retirement fund.

  • Discuss the lifestyle you require for later life and whether your pensions will be able to provide this

Once we have obtained all your pension information, we can give you a full overview of the forecasted income.  Perhaps the pensions aren’t performing as well as you’d expect, or it’s clear that you need to change your saving strategy.  We can help advise you on this.

  • Find out the risk levels of your pensions

It can be difficult to establish the level of risk your existing pensions are targeting.  It might be too high or even too low particularly if you opted for a ‘lifestyle’ approach to investing.  We can assess the risk and establish if it is appropriate.  Click here to access our model portfolio performance charts.


Informative Videos

We have produced some short informative pension videos which explain the importance of pre-planning your retirement and the options available to you at (early/semi) retirement.  If you are aged over 50 and are not in a final salary scheme, then these videos will almost certainly be of benefit to you.

Click here to access our pension videos.

Client Story:

Mr W in his early 50’s decided it was time to look at his pension arrangements. He had three different pensions and had not looked at them for years, had no idea where they were invested and did not know the level of risk they were targeting.

He was assessed as being comfortable with a risk level 5 (medium risk). One of his pensions was meant to be a medium risk but in fact was high risk. Another one was medium risk, but the fund had not been performing very well for years.  One of the existing pensions did not offer the new style death benefits  – which have been available since 2015.

We consolidated all his pensions in one account which targets the level of risk he wants, and use a multi-asset portfolio that is managed on an advisory basis therefore keeping him more involved with what his investments are doing. He is using our ongoing service, so he gets regular updates and an annual review where we check he is on target for the level of income he expects in retirement. He has increased his contributions and now has peace of mind that he will be comfortable in retirement.

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