Our Fee Structure & Process

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We offer a competitive, fee-based price for our financial planning and investment services.

You can find all of our Independent Financial Advisor fees set out below. You will be given full details of all costs prior to any advice being given.


Initial 30min


Financial Review
& Recommendation


Policy Arrangement
& Implementation



1. Initial Consultation

We will arrange a 30-minute discussion with you to establish your financial goals and/or concerns and to confirm if our services will be appropriate for you. There is no charge for this.  Please remember that you have no obligation to use our services and we place no pressure on any individual.

2. Financial Review & Recommendation

We will:

  • Confirm our charges and provide you with a Client Agreement.
  • Obtain your consent to deal with your personal data.
  • Complete a financial questionnaire to establish your current financial position and your financial goals.
  • Complete questionnaires to
    • understand your knowledge and experience of investing
    • find out the level of risk you are comfortable with
    • discuss your capacity for loss
  • Ask you to sign a letter of authority so that we can contact your existing investment/pension providers, if applicable, to understand your existing position and the options they provide.
  • Provide you with a written report detailing our recommendations and cashflow projections – together with all relevant documentation – which we will present to you personally.

Our charge for this service is a fixed fee of £750* payable on provision of the report containing our recommendation(s) to you.  This fee will be waived, wholly or in part, should you decide to implement any of our recommendations (step 3).

*Should the review include advice on Inheritance Tax Planning or Capital Gains Planning the fixed fee will be £1,000.


3. Policy Arrangement & Implementation

We will:

  • Arrange the transactions regarding the transfer of existing accounts or the investing of capital
  • Oversee and monitor the progress of the transaction
  • Provide you with a Financial Summary once the transactions have been completed.

We will keep you updated on a weekly basis to confirm where we are in respect of the above process.

Our fees for providing this service is based on the initial investment:

  • 2% on the first £75,000 invested, followed by
  • 1.5% between £75,001 to £250,000, followed by
  • 1% on £250,001 and above

There are not normally any additional initial product or investment fees except where Capital Gains or Inheritance Tax products are recommended.

4. On-going Service

Our ongoing service provides the following;

  • Monthly Market commentary
  • Quarterly Valuation of investments held
  • Half yearly reviews of investments
  • Access to financial advice during office hours – for family members too
  • Assistance with personal Tax Return
  • Ongoing administration support

Plus, an Annual Review to include

  • Your needs and objectives and make sure investments are doing as expected
  • Any changes in your personal circumstances
  • Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss is the same
  • The impact of tax and legislative changes
  • Your will and Personal Estate
  • Review of the suitability of your investments
  • Confirmation of ongoing suitability of your investments
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning if applicable
  • Advice to utilise ISA and Pension allowances if applicable

The cost of this service will be a maximum of 1% of the capital involved, subject to a minimum of £500, per annum.

  • For investment portfolios up to £250,000 the fee payable is 1.0%
  • For investment amounts between £250,000 and £500,000 the fee payable is 0.85%
  • For investment amounts between £500,000 and £1,000,000 the fee payable is 0.75%
  • For investment amounts between £1,000,000 and £3,000,000 the fee payable is 0.65%
  • For investment amounts in excess of £3,000,000 the fee payable is 0.50%

For example;

  • if your investments are valued at £40,000 the 1% charge of £400 would be below the minimum fee and we would issue an invoice for £100 at the end of an annual period from when the agreement is dated.
  • if your investments are valued at £200,000 the 1% charge would be £2,000. This is in excess of the minimum fee payable.
  • if your investments are valued at £500,000 the 0.75% charge would be £3,750.  This is in excess of the minimum fee payable.

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Personal Asset Management are Independent Financial Advisors with over 50 years combined experience.  We have clients throughout Torbay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and the South of England, with our office based in Kingskerswell.

Our services include investment advice, Inheritance Tax planning, pension advice and retirement planning, mortgages and equity release.