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Investment strategies tailored to your needs and requirements

Our investment services are primarily aimed at investors with over £50,000 to invest or have already built up in ISAs, pensions, or investment accounts.  However, if you have less than this we can help point you in the right direction so please get in touch.

Personal Asset Management will discuss with you your current financial situation and aspirations as to what you want to achieve, alongside establishing the level of risk you are comfortable with.  We decide with you on the best investment strategy to meet your needs.


There are several aspects to investment risk, how you feel about risk, how much risk you can afford, or wish, to take and the risk of not meeting a particular goal or objective. In order to establish your attitude to risk, we ask you to complete a Risk Profiler Questionnaire.  Once we have established the level or risk you are comfortable with, it will be discussed as to if this will give you the results you need and a portfolio will be offered accordingly.

Investment Options (for investors with over £50,000)

The investment solutions will typically be multi-asset in order to diversify your capital. They will invest in shares (Equities), company and government debt (Bonds and Gilts) and property.

A Model Portfolio service is available. This is an advisory service rather than discretionary, the difference being you are involved in the decision process.

  • Harmonic

These are growth portfolios, where your aim for your investment is to achieve growth.  Available in risk levels 3 – 8.

  • Pentatonic

These are income portfolios, where your requirement for your investment is to have a regular income.  Available in risk levels 3 – 6.

  • Melodic

These are our Sustainable & Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, also known as Ethical Investing.  It is the practice of investing money in companies and funds that have positive social impacts. We offer portfolios which give the investor peace of mind that the companies invested in rate high on an ethical scale, in areas such as the environment.  For more information on SRI click here.  Available in risk levels 3 – 6.

We also offer a bespoke service, which can take into account other investments held.

Our Model Performance

Click here to access our model portfolio performance charts


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Personal Asset Management are Independent Financial Advisors with over 50 years combined experience.  We have clients throughout Torbay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and the South of England, with our office based in Kingskerswell.

Our services include investment advice, Inheritance Tax planning, pension advice and retirement planning, mortgages and equity release.