Margaret – Devon
A friend recommended Ian many years ago and I’ve remained his client ever since. I didn’t think a financial adviser could help me in my circumstances as I was young and earning an average salary and didn’t have much in the way of savings. Ian helped me focus for the future with a helpful and affordable savings and investment plan. I have recently taken early retirement and am content with my current financial situation. The ground work I committed to with encouragement from Ian has been an absolute boon and I can now be comfortable and confident in my retirement.

Fiona – Devon
I was reviewing my pensions following a job change, Ian provided a plan to pull together my personal and company pensions. The service is excellent, Ian takes the time to clearly explain any recommendations he makes, he provides very clear information at every review. He ensures I am happy and understand any changes to the investment plan, a personal service which I can’t recommend highly enough. I have ten years to retirement and I am happy that my pension pot is now working for me, thanks to Ian. I can honestly say that the service Ian offers exceeded my expectations, I wouldn’t change anything, I am very happy to vouch for Ian.

John – Devon
Back in 1990, whilst still in employment and with further income from investments, I doubted that I was paying sufficient income tax. A consultation with Ian confirmed this. Following Ian’s recommendations, we were able to restructure my investments to be more tax efficient, including a secondary pension scheme, and yet still give me access to cash if required. Ian has also helped me with longer term planning such as schemes to reduce inheritance tax when the inevitable happens. Now happily retired, my capital is in a balanced portfolio and has had good growth over the years and I have a secure income from my pensions. I receive a monthly valuation showing how individual investments are progressing and a half yearly review to discuss any changes required. 25 years on, I still value Ian’s advice on financial matters.

Julia – Devon
As a small Limited Company we had some concerns about the efficacy of our existing Financial advisor, we sought Mr Pennicott’s advice and he discovered some costly errors that indeed had been made. As my husband has recently died I have been placed in the difficult position of becoming the Company Director, I would not have managed this transition without the patient and clearly explained advice and support that Mr Pennicott has offered. Mr Pennicott continues with this financial support. Investment planning has proven to be accurate and fruitful, indeed therefore, this is a hoped for outcome and I have complete trust and faith that he is acting in my best interests.

Gail – Devon
I needed advice about how to invest an ISA that had just matured. Ian made an appointment to see me at my house. Ian was able to advise me about pensions and to suggest ideas of how to invest my ISA. He was very knowledgeable and professional, but at the same time I felt under no pressure to make decisions immediately. Ian was careful to ensure that I was comfortable with the level of risk he had advised for me, and I have been happy with the returns on my investments. Ian continues to advise me with regular updates and reviews. He is very ” on the ball” with new legislation and is quick to advise if any changes are necessary.

Cathy – Devon
I had surplus funds that were not earning me anything and felt they could be better invested than in a bank account. I was also interested in salary sacrifice for my pension contributions. After assessing my attitude to risk Ian made recommendations regarding ISAs, better cash accounts and Unit Trust investments as well as helping set up salary sacrifice for my pension which has meant more money going into the pension at no extra cost to the company I work for. He made sure that I had access to rainy day money should I need it and suggested a balanced portfolio investing for different terms and in different areas.

When I consider that the interest on my cash was earning me very little percentage wise after tax, I have been delighted with the returns that my investments have made and the service offered includes a monthly valuation so that I can see how things are in a snapshot. Ian also provides plenty of written information which he will explain in plain English as well.

David – Devon
I had retired, and my various investments were in random sites. I needed to bring them together to provide growth and income in the right proportions. Ian examined the funds available, and recommended funds to provide that which I required. My parents passed away shortly afterwards, and Ian was able to advise on homes for the bequests from my parents. The plan as advised by Ian is working well. The income tops up my pension, and the growth looks to the future. We discuss the plan on a regular basis, and keep it up to date.


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